A profitable foot-friendly floor for your calves.

Tenderfoot Calf Flooring pays off with…..


Less Labor

Cleaning your Tenderfoot floor only requires the occasional use of a water hose.

A "Foot Friendly" Floor

A comfortable animal is usually a more profitable animal. Tenderfoot reduces stress and injuries by providing a sure-footed, quiet, shock-absorbing surface.

Self-Cleaning Design

The large, round-edged openings on Tenderfoot flooring facilitate removal of manure through the floor by hoof action. Tenderfoot will not absorb moisture, floor stays drier.

Proven Durability

Tenderfoot originated plastisol –coated flooring for livestock in 1975. Its tough surface can’t rust or rot. A superior process, developed by Tenderfoot, bonds the coating to the steel frame work for longer life.

Your choice of 2 floor designs

Plastisol-coated, Calf Mesh (Above) has 7/8" x 2-3/16" square openings.

A Healthier Environment

A clean floor is a healthier floor. Reduced odor. Fewer Flies. Less Diseases. And the Tenderfoot plastisol coating is resistant to bacterial and fungi.

If you are looking for a better, more profitable way to bring veal calves to market, or get your replacement heifers off to a good start, contact your Tenderfoot representative today.

 Expanded metal, Bigfoot (below) has ¾" x 1-1/2" diamond-shaped openings.

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