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Made of Rhino Hyde Polyurethane... the most Pig-Proof material now available.  This tough new material will resist even the most aggressive sows... We unconditionally guarantee it!

Check these innovative feature the Super Bowl Sow Feeder:

Absolutely No Corners

The Super Bowl is the only feeder on the market with a completely rounded trough. This feature provides an obvious benefit: No accumulation points for sour and stale feed. 

Easy Cleaning, Non-Stick Surface.  

Rhino Hyde urethane is a new age plastic so resistant to foreign material that literally nothing will stick to it.  This reduces your cleanup chores to a simple rinsing/disinfecting. 

Efficient Feed Delivery, Waste Resistant.

The fully rounded trough makes it difficult for animals to throw feed out.  This feature also makes it hard for animals to separate the feed.  An "inward slopping" lip is molded into the front edge of the unit to resist raking.  


Adaptable, Fits Most Any Crate

The Super Bowl is 12 inches wide to accommodate most front gates.  The upper walls of the unit can be cut and/or drilled if necessary.


Molded-In Mounting Foot

This feature makes it easy to lock the feeder in place.  Simply set the unit on the lower bar of your front gate and drill holes for top holding rod or brackets.


Width:11-3/4" Outside Dimension
Depth: 18-1/2" Front to Back
Height: 16-1/2" Lower Edge of Foot to Top
Weight: 10 LBS
Rough Opening: 12" Wide by 17" High

Note: Rhino Hyde urethane can be cut and drilled to fit various applications.

3 Year Unconditional Warranty

Tandem Products Incorporated here by guarantees the Super Bowl Sow Feeder to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of three (3) years from date of purchase.  Tandem Products Incorporated also unconditionally guarantees that the Super Bowl will effectively resist any and all abuse encountered by normal use in any standard farrowing crate or free stall for a period of three (3) years form date of purchase.  Any damaged unit will be replaced free of charge.

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